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Geir Lofthus

Very content with the service from this company. Will use them again.
01/03/2020 03:05 AM


Very very good transport and service And always in time.
12/01/2019 08:56 AM


Very good Very short response time, everything worked perfect- we changed one service on relatively short notice and even that was no problem Will certainly use them again Thanks again Jane
11/28/2019 07:54 AM

Jorgen Persson

Very friendly and safe driving:)Recommendation is very high!!
11/18/2019 03:57 AM

Sven Ljungberg

We are absolute satified with you service. your car came on time and it was a safe and pleasant drive to the airport-
10/25/2019 01:14 AM


Great service to and back from hua hin. Punctual according to made agreements. Very satisfied and next time I will use their services again
10/17/2019 06:01 AM

Ketan Malani

We were very very happy & satisfied about the car service provided by Jane. Shall definitely recommend to family & friends who would be visiting Thailand in the near future. Thanks once again for the promptness and positive approach. Thanks and regards, Ketan Malani
10/10/2019 11:25 AM

Heinz van Elsen

It was a wonderful trip with the car. My driver "Banana" was very funny and polite. She drove very carefull and picked me up on time. Thank you very much
10/07/2019 12:13 PM

Kathleen Ho

Jane is timely, friendly and flexible
09/22/2019 04:26 AM

Werner Berndt

Very good service.
09/19/2019 07:20 AM

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